About Unicorn Wear

Press Start

We are brother and sister, computer enthusiasts, gamers since our childhood and follow the latest high-tech and technological trends.

Over time, the Geek culture has taken a prominent place in our daily lives, impacting each of us, thanks in particular to the development of the Internet, smartphones and multimedia. Tools within everyone's reach and now unavoidable.

Our challenge is to represent this universe through fashion. To achieve this, it was necessary to find a universal and unifying concept. After a long period of reflection, Unicorn Wear was born.

Our slogan : #be_Proud

The unicorn is an allegorical creature of the connected generation. It symbolizes rarity, dream, fantasy and success, especially that of startups in the field of new technologies. This legendary animal embodies the pure, powerful and prominent side of our brand.

"Wear" our clothes is to proudly wear your convictions, your values and the passions that inspire you. You will assume the Geek within you.

When the Geek universe meets the world of fashion

To make this project a reality, we have chosen to design a first model, emblematic and striking: the Bitcoin t-shirt from the Blockchain collection. An elegant top, lined with a repeated pattern in the original colours of the famous logo.

The challenge now is to raise the colours of one of the most beautiful cultures of our time by bringing you unique pieces. Clothes that are at the same time refined, chic and casual, of exemplary quality, available in several colours and that you will discover through our various theme collections.

Need help ?

Feel free to contact us on our social networks @wearunicorn Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via our email address contact@unicornwear.com, it is with pleasure that we will answer you.